Why .VOTO?

A .VOTO Domain Speaks to Voters in Spanish-, Italian- and Portuguese-Speaking Countries

The political sphere is like no other.  With the clamor of interest groups, PACs and parties, it's hard to know what you, the candidate, has to say.  Here's your chance to take the mic.

Make it your own.

.VOTO affords you the opportunity to reach voters in their native language, assuring that they understand your platform, your party and your plan.  Show these key voters you care about their stance, their culture and their lifestyle by appealing to them from their vantage point.

Like .VOTE for English-language audiences, .VOTO exists to reduce confusion with domain names and create an easily recognizable Internet space where voters can find reliable information regarding current elected officials and candidates seeking public office at all levels, worldwide.

Your campaign should start with a meaningful, memorable message conveyed in your domain name. Elected officials can also feel assured that they can secure a .VOTO domain that language-specific voters can go to directly for reliable information.

.VOTO is non-partisan, and available to all candidates from all political parties.Guarantee that your website looks official.

Your name, your politics, your official .VOTO domain name.