Representative Jason Chaffetz Gets His .VOTO Domain

Representative Jason Chaffetz, is the first politician in the Beehive State, to create a website dedicated to inform the Latino community about his points of view, and projects to help Utah prosper. Congressman Chaffetz is working hard to represent the state of Utah in Washington, not in Washington in Utah. His main focus is for the federal government return to its original purpose, control costs that are out of control and special interests.

His strong focus on all voters in Utah, has taken Chaffetz to acquire an Internet domain of .VOTO or puntoVOTO. This is a domain created by the company Monolith Registry to protect all candidates, parties, or political organizations, as well as to protect all residents. When a resident visits a website with a .VOTO domain, they can feel completely secure and confident that the information provided has been approved by the candidate or original organization. Monolith Registry has audits to ensure that control of the website is always in the hands of the correct person.

With the new website all Latino voters, may have the most updated information about Representative Chaffetz in their language. This is so that there is no confusion or lack of information because of language barriers. For more information on Jason's effort to reach out to the Latino community, you can contact Chaffetz’ Campaign Manager, Heather Jackson at 801-367-6506.

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Posted on Date:
Monday, September 28, 2015