ElectHillary.com? RandPaul.com? Betting on 2016's hottest Web address

Election-year website squatters have dollar signs in their eyes, scooping up 2016-related domain names with the aim of cashing in on six-figure payouts — before any candidate has even thrown his or her hat into the ring.

The starting bid to buy either ElectHillary.com or ReelectHillary.com at GoDaddy's domain name auction site: $275,000. RandPaul.com is being offered for $125,000.

By comparison, the price of other names based on possible presidential hopefuls might be considered a steal: ChrisChristiePresident2016.com is up for grabs for $49,000, while TedCruzForCommanderinChief.com is $20,000, and ElizabethWarren2016.com goes for a mere $3,300.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014