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New and Memorable Web Addresses Launched for Arizona Voters:

Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan and the .VOTE registry are pleased to announce two new and simple web addresses have been launched for Arizona voters.


Secretary of State announces arizona.vote and arizona.voto domains

Michele Reagan is pleased to announce she has obtained two new and simple domain names to make it easier for people to locate information related to...


Secretary of State John H. Merrill Continues to Make Registering to Vote Easier

Alabama’s Secretary of State John H. Merrill has joined Secretaries of State from all over the country in making the process of registering to vote easier.

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.VOTE Solves Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz’s Domain Name Problem

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s domain name problem is serious!

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New .VOTE and .VOTO Domains Now Available

The new .VOTE and .VOTO domains are designed to help elected officials, governments, candidates and organizations get information to voters.


New .VOTE Domain Will Help Prevent Political Cybersquatting

A political campaign’s digital operation is becoming ever more-important to campaign success.


Philadelphia City Council Candidate Hijacks Domain Names

If you’re looking to learn more about City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, you won’t find it on KenyattaJohnson.com.

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New .VOTE and .VOTO Domains Sunrise Period Begins

Elected officials and candidates now have a dedicated space for voter engagement


New gTLDs Show Promising SEO Performance

With the arrival of hundreds of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), many marketers are excited that they can now get a web address that best describes their business or brand.


The web war begins.

Between new sites and Google adwords, the Republican presidential racers are already at the starting line.


Facebook coding changes will limit the ability to target potential voters through the site.

An upcoming code change means Obama’s groundbreaking 2012 outreach on the site won’t happen again.

Press Release

New .VOTE and .VOTO Web Domains Launched

Dedicated space for governments, candidates & others to engage voters