As a local city councilmember and a director at the non-profit Silicon Valley Education Foundation, Marc Berman has proven to be one of our region’s innovative leaders. Unlike other candidates running for office, Berman is already making a difference today, on the ground, in our community.

Closing the Achievement Gap as Director of the Silicon Valley Education Foundation

  • Expanded access to STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) for local kids as a director at the Silicon Valley Education Foundation. He also fought to empower women and girls in math and science.
  • Helped increase funding for schools locally by supporting Measure A in Palo Alto, which raised funds to provide additional resources and opportunities for students.
  • Will lead the fight for our children in the Assembly by working to ensure all students have access to 21st century technology and great teachers in the classroom.

Getting Real Results for Our Region as a Local City Councilmember

  • Directed the effort to make the city’s budget transparent so we can see how tax dollars are spent.
  • Pushed to divest the city’s pension plan from fossil fuel companies.
  • Helped the city approve large solar power purchase agreements at good rates.
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Monday, June 6, 2016